Chemical Resistant Finish

The outer finish of this lamp is durable and strong.  When products spill or accidentally spatter on the surface use alcohol or acetone to clean without damaging the finish. 

No Dead Zone!

With standard LED machines lights can be spaced too far apart or too close together creating "Dead Zones" and proper curing becomes an issue. 

The Pro-Cure lamp was engineered to place each light in a specific space for an efficient and even cure.

StylEnvy Pro-Cure Light

LED custom lamp.  Available in Cordless or Traditional "Plug In" machines. Cure both LED and most UV Gels. 

This durable lamp features the latest LED light and lamp engine technology.  This lamp provides 10,000 hours of service.  This lamp also features a chemical proof cover for easy clean up.  The cordless feature runs for 120 minutes on one charge.  

This lamp is only available through our exclusive distributor: 

Contact Beauty Millenium @ or for pricing.  Order yours today!!

Open Bottom

This unique design is simple but creative.  Open bottom design allows quick and easy use for pedicure services.

Air Vents

The air vents are available with this machine to cool both the machines internal parts and most importantly to cool off the interior of the machine during services.


Internal Features

The Cordless Pro-Cure Lamp uses a Lithium-Ion Battery and charges quickly.  When using in a work environment one charge provides 2 hours of work "ON" time.  Normal services average 7-9 mins of "ON" time.  This means once charge provides and 8 hour "ON" time work day. 

Hours of Service/Convenience

These bulbs are the latest in LED technology.  Not only will the bulbs last for 10,000 hours, but they run cooler and also cut down the glare it permits, for the convenience of the client.  


Cure Both LED and UV Gels

Cure all LED and most UV Gels.  Of course always test the gels you use with the Pro-Cure Lamp.

The Pro-Cure Lamp features both 365 mm and 405 mm LED Bulbs which allow these bulbs to cross over and cure most UV Gels in addition to LED gels.  Cure Basecoat, Top Coats and Color Gels.  Also the machine is excellent for "Dip" system gels

Side Lights

With regular lamps curing the thumbs take up time, because the lights are placed on the upper interior of the machine.  The Pro-Cure Lamp has precisely placed lights in the interior sides, allowing the thumbs to cure as the hand is laying flat on the surface.  

Large Display

The bright red digital display is easy to see and easy to use.  Simply press the + or - buttons on top of the machine to set your time of 05, 15, 30 or 60 seconds.  The machine will automatically start once the hands are inserted in the machine during services.