New age in acrylic nails.  DIP IS HERE!!

After many years of using traditional powder liquid systems to create beautiful acrylic nails, a new system has arrived changing the way we wear and apply acrylic nails.

StylEnvy combines a unique blend of acrylic powders and using an original blend of brush on Gel products, StylEnvy has created a very unique artificial nail service.  NO GLUES or an array different products to complete the service.  Simplicity at its best.


Dip System



​Because NO GLUES  are used, no hard brushes to replace.  The dip powders will not cluster to the gel during the service nor will the gel brushes cling to powder and dry making the brushes hard.  No activators used.   The dip powders create a very strong bond to the Base Gel when cured.  You can file and buff just like an conventional acrylic nail.  The Sealer is a exclusive blend, this product can be applied directly to the finished surface and cure for 60 seconds in a LED lamp no wipe is necessary, cure and GO!!


Pink & White